Welcome to Matsui Filter

Matsui Filter, is a fast growing global manufacturer partner and supplier of all kinds of lube, fuel, air, coolant and hydraulic filters. “Matsui” products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our filters are engineered to provide the best overall performance and services life. We manufacture our products in worldwide faculty, strictly under the control of International Standard Quality TS 16949 as well as the OEM customer standards ISO 9001.

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Our Product Range
Oil Filter
Oil Filter clean the oil that flows through the engine, thus reducing peramature wear and tear in frictional parts. Clean oil provides good sealing between the piston and the cylinder for maximum fuel economy.
Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter other component in keeping the intake system clean. Clean fuel will prolong the life span of the injector, and maintain higher fuel effciency.
Air Filter
Air Filter is most vital in keeping the contamination out of the intake system. It prevents contaminated air to be mixed with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber. The Outer Air filter can only be cleaned 6 times. After that inner & Outer filter should be Replaced with new Filter.

Hydraulic Filter
Hydraulic Filter provides protection and prolong the life sapn of the hydraulic systems by keeping in clean.
Coolant Filter
Designed to protect the cooling system, and enhance the durabillity against corrosion.
Cabin Air Filter
Electronic & activated carcoal media. Remove all containant of dust, dirt, pollen and pollutants inside the vehicle. provide effective protection for AC system & enhance the overrall comfort.